Brian Revels and Papa Jack Couch

Brian Revels

Brian Revels is probably most recognized as the brazen voice behind Atlanta, Georgia’s, City Mouse, a bourbon-barreled version of an Avett Brother’s rip-off (in the best possible way). If you know him, you might also tend to picture him holding a banjo. But, long before the birth of this rowdy string trio, he has been scribbling lyrics on scrap paper – restaurant order pads, receipts, check stubs – and picking a well-loved 6-string confidante.

As a performer, he tends to reimagine his songs constantly, delivering the words with an earnestness that is completely true in the moment and therefore never a re-enactment of something tirelessly rehearsed – whether or not it is.

“As far as the show goes, it’s like trying to keep a bird in a cage that won’t latch. I try to stick to melodies, try to be still but it never seems to come out as tame as I’d like it to. But, I don’t hate that.” Says Brian.

Jack Couch

Papa Jack Couch is a singer/songwriter of insight and wit. He
performs originals forged over long years negotiating two-lane blacktops and smoke-rise sundowns, with direct influences reaching back to Gram Parsons and Johnny Cash. Emerging with relevance and thump, he brings fresh perspective to the age-old themes; life of the soul, pain of the heart.

His material resonates especially with those still trying to grow into full-
fledged adulthood. With a voice of tupelo honey over burnt sourdough, and a rhythm playing style – on a battered ‘59 hockshop Martin - just good enough to forestall eviction, his performances are always saved by inventive, insightful writing and an amazing range of observation.
After spending his formative years all over Georgia, Florida and
Alabama, and having survived two separate invasions of Nashville, most of his life has played out in Southeast Georgia’s endless pines and mysterious swamplands. He now lives in Meriwether County and loves nothing more than coming into town and playing hard won, hand carved music.

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