Jet Trails Media Presents: Illiterate Light EP Release w/ Night Idea, Magnus Lush, Invalids, Hot Reader, Colin Phils

Jet Trails Music Presents

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Night Idea

Eat the Center, Heat Your Weiner, Beat the Sinner, Leaches on Spinners

Illiterate light

Illiterate Light is an indie rock duo from Harrisonburg VA comprised of Jeff Gorman and Jake Cochran. Gorman and Cochran have collaborated on different projects over the past six years - writing and touring with their previous band Money Cannot Be Eaten, managing a small organic farm in the Shenandoah Valley, organizing bicycle tours, among other things. Illiterate Light is their newest project and the culmination of previous work together. Washed-out guitar sounds, droning synth bass, tight vocal harmonies, spacious rock drumming. They write about paradox and the desire to go beyond modernist rationalism and postmodern nihilism.

Magnus Lush

Post-Rock Richmond, VA band. Slightly throwback yet progressive.


In 2008 I (Pete) started learning about ~tapping~ and every time I picked up an electric guitar that's all I played. Eventually I started tabbing out songs using a program called Tabit ( and uploaded the tabs to the database and forums at Tabit's website. Nick, a fellow member of the forums, contacted me asking if he could play bass for the tracks since they were too hard for me, and despite his young age and innocence, he was really good at it, so I happily welcomed him aboard and started writing harder parts to give him headaches and hand cramps.

Nick and I have never actually met. I write the music, send it to Nick, he learns it and adds/changes things as he sees fit, records it, sends it back to me, I record my stuff, put it all together, mix the heck out of it and release it for everyone to enjoy 🙂

Nick has since moved on to his metal band Black Crown Initiate, but, though no longer a true "member" of the "band," still records bass parts as a session musician.

In March of 2015, I met Joe Scala, Raymond Bonnano, and Brock Benzel who came together to cover drums, bass, and guitar (resp.) ultimately forming the Invalids live band (hashtag invalivalids), and, essentially, evolved leveled-up Invalids from bedroom project to a band so true

Hot Reader

Hot Reader is a Richmond-based four-piece plying the psychic craft with audacious licks and a reverence for classic pop songwriting. Formed in the Fall of 2015 by way of reddit serendipity, its members have roots in the local spheres of punk rock (Pissing Contest), jazz/funk (Brunswick, Devil's Workshop) and hip hop (MC Chicken). In keeping with these diverse roots, the boys blend pop, indie, soul, and progressive forms to create a sound that is equal parts drive and groove, croon and howl, shred and swing.

Colin Phils

Colin Phils is an American indie rock band formed in South Korea in 2013.
The band self-released their first album, titled "Right at Home" in June 2014, and a single Best Foot Forward in December 2014.
Their Latest Album "e,r,som,sa.." was released in Hong Kong via Sweaty & Cramped on May 29th, 2016.
The band then went on a 21 show tour through out all the major cities in China on their 'Big China Tour."

Their sound has been described as part math-rock, part indie-rock, with catchy hooks and harmonies throughout.
Colin Phils has played throughout South Korea, China, Hong Kong, and now America!

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