Since 2010, Fluxus has been a premiere Colorado Front Range musical force. With a sound rooted in deep grooves and expansive improvisational explorations, Fluxus pushes the boundaries of what is considered jazz. While the band is heavily based on writing and performing original compositions, there is no limit to the amount of genres their music crosses. On any given night, they may cover ground from forward thinking originals, to Thelonious Monk, Herbie Hancock or Radiohead, infusing any song they perform with creativity and a jazz sensibility. Fluxus is a labor of love that provides a platform for the strong composition and arrangement skills of the band members and at the same time, pays homage to the great music that brought these musicians together. The mission of Fluxus is to create music that is highly cerebral, yet never loses its element of entertainment and danceability.

Hugh Manatee

Brought together by our shared love of music and szechuan dipping sauce, the hughmans of Hugh Manatee started playing as one in early 2017 and immediately became an inseparable jamfam. Offering a fusion of rock, progressive, funk, reggae, and americana elements with an improvisational feel, we draw inspiration from a breadth of styles to create a unique and energetic sound that's sure to get you groovin.


The Denver-based power trio, Astrostatic, comprised of Ben White (guitar/keys/vocals), Sam Mitchell (drums), and Andrew Van Deusen (bass) are set on getting your booty movin! Self-described as “psychedelic dance rock”, Astrostatic continuously blends rock, funk, jazz, and much more creating a unique sound that makes each live show a different kind of dance party from the last. Each member brings a special set of skills and influences to the table. Rehearsing multiple times a week has created a chemistry between the band members that makes for a fun filled performance each and every time.

Sam Mitchell is a work horse of a drummer and is always pushing the other members to rise to the occasion. Andrew Van Duesen can only be explained as a monster on the bass guitar. Always thinking of new melodic phrases and riffs but never straying to far away from the main groove. Ben White is the musical leader and part time front man of the band. Primarily playing percussive guitar that works with the rhythm section instead of against it. Also adding synth progressions to make certain jams extra "spacey". The songs are written by one member having a main idea and the rest of the band contributing to make the song the best it can be.

Throughout the last year Astrostatic has been gaining a fan base around Colorado. Every show Astrostatic gains new fans. They are not looking back and are just hoping to get people moving and forget about all the headaches that life gives us.

$8.00 - $10.00


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