Roka Hueka

Hawk Attack

Hawk Attack a high energy rock & roll band from Colorado

One of the last, true, all American, rock & roll bands whose only real agenda is to be the guys your mother warned you about.

Same three guys, same three chords… Since 2007

"From the opening song, "Brew Ha Ha," Hawk Attack celebrates rock's hedonistic era. Yes, there is a hint of early solo Ted Nugent here and there in the guitar harmonics of "Set 'Em Up," but it's not some ironic pose or attempt to sound just like another band. The crunchy, distorted melody and guitar lead of "Drunk Chicks" are Southern-flavored rock à la .38 Special, with a dash of Night Ranger. Everyone knows "Social Distortion Guy," and "Chicks" has the singer seeming to own those qualities with the attitude — but not the stupid bravado — you'd expect. All around, it's the kind of album you'd enjoy if you miss a time when rock-and-roll bands played dive bars and had to deliver the goods or get their asses kicked." - Tom Murphy, Westword



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