Jems, David Davis, Rebecca Peters

JEMS is a trio made up of Singer/Songwriters Emily Colombier, Jessica Rotter and Sarah Margaret Huff. Through collaborations on their own projects, they discovered how beautifully their voices blended and decided to share their music with the world. Sarah Margaret Huff’s bright soaring timbre is combined with Emily Colombier’s rich soulful earthy quality and met in the middle by Jessica Rotter’s colorful blend of the two. Playing shows as JEMS, the trio feature the music of all three songwriters as well as a reinvention of songs of yesteryear.

David Davis

Every once in awhile an artist comes along with the ability to move fans emotionally while creating an unforgettable experience. Artists of this quality come from undeniable talent, and radical vulnerability. This is heartbeat of David Davis.

For as long as he can recall, David has been fixed on a career in music. Chicago-born and surrounded by 8+ siblings, he captured attention by belting out Motown classics, performing in church, and always finding his way to a stage. During his time in Belmont University’s nationally renowned music program, he trained in various styles and experimented with his artistry. And it was here that his David was discovered, and subsequently developed by industry representatives.

Rebecca Peters

Rebecca Peters is an up- and- coming artist embarking on a new solo adventure. Although she seeks collaboration with other artists, the 22- year old vocalist is becoming much closer friends with her guitar, and is enjoying taking advantage of this friendship in order to translate feeling to song. Look out for Rebecca as she travels into the unknown, in attempts to make every single one of you smile, one song at a time.

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