Son Ravello

Son Ravello

​ Son Ravello is an Ashland, Oregon based indie folk pop trio with singer/songwriter Mysha Caruso, vocalist Manda Bryn Severin and keyboards / piano by Jason O'Neill-Butler. Caruso is a musician at the Oregon Shakespeare Festival who has performed in The Yeomen Of The Guard (2016), The Cocoanuts ( 2014) and The Taming of The Shrew ( 2013). Caruso was the leader of the popular Oregon based band Kites & Crows and currently performs with the musical education band The Meriwethers. Caruso is the director of Magnetic West Music a boutique music company that licenses music to film, tv and media. The Son Ravello song Destination was featured on NBC's The Night Shift. Caruso writes a blog called #thesoundofemotion that focuses on the convergence of music and media



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