Vancouver-based roots rock n' roller.

Devil in the Wood Shack

Devil in the Wood Shack is a child raised on punk rock that fell in love with camp fire stomp-alongs and the darker side of Canadiana Roots. As much of a family as a band, they are a group of musicians relentlessly dedicated to their art. You will find them playing anywhere from the biggest venues to backyard parties, from festival circuits to the side of the road. Living in the music is their way of life and they invite everyone to sing and stomp along.

Dope Folk is a Vancouver based Folk rock/blues trio.

Great White Buffalo

Country/folk-rock band from Vancouver.

Kownterpoint aims to please just about anyone, by blending multiple genres including Reggae, Psychedelic Classic Rock, Blues, Funk, Jazz, Punk, Ska, among other varieties. Being a power trio with two of its members being brothers, they can practically feel the next note, before its even coming! All members, are self taught musicians, they have even been know to switch instruments onstage and still keep the groove flowing strong.

Kownterpoint tries to keep their live sets spontaneous, in order to give room for improv, which can usually connect a crowd stronger to the artist. Their lyrics and music bring the high times people are seeking at live shows. And above all, the positive energy speaks for itself.


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