MAKE AMERICA ROCK AGAIN with Creed's Scott Stapp

Scott Stapp

American singer and songwriter, born August 8, 1973. Known as the lead vocalist and lyricist of the post-grunge band Creed.

Sick Puppies

Alternative Rock (Modern Rock) band from Sydney (Australia).

The band was formed by singer/lead guitarist Shimon Moore and bassist Emma Anzai in the music room of Mosman High School in 1997. The band, co-founded in 1999 by Moore and Anzai while still in high school, signed to Paul Stepanek Management, soon after they rounded out their line up by adding Orange County, California-bred drummer Mark Goodwin, who they met through a classified ad following their move to LA in 2006. Soon after, they signed to Paul Palmer’s indie label through Virgin Records. Later members included Chris Mileski (initial drummer) and Mark Goodwin (present drummer).

Drowning Pool

Alternative Rock (Modern Rock) band from Dallas, Texas (USA).

Current line-up:
Jasen Moreno - Vocals
C.J. Pierce - Guitars and Backing Vocals
Stevie Benton - Bass and Backing Vocals
Mike Luce - Drums and Occasional Backing Vocals

Former members:
Dave Williams - vocals (died in 2002)
Jason "Gong" Jones - vocals (left in 2005 and joined A.M. Conspiracy)
Ryan McCombs - vocals (left in 2012)

Alternative Rock (Modern Rock) from Los Gatos, California (USA).

Trapt formed in 1995. The members of Trapt met in high school during the mid-1990's

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