Jared Lucas took his stage name, Kap Slap, from a drink concocted by his fraternity brother in college. The drink simply consists of funneling of beer and adding a shot of Bacardi 151 at the end. Though I cannot, and do not, advise drinking a Kap Slap, I highly recommend listening to one.

His career began with college parties, school concerts, and even a prom, but Kap Slap’s party popping mixes and bootlegs have grown so much in popularity in the past few years that he is now one of the top mashup artists on the scene. Well, he’s now breaking his mashup boundaries and stepping into a whole new territory: originals.

Let It All Out (Ultra Records) features the silky vocals of Angelika Vee and marks Kap Slap’s debut as an original producer. If this first original progressive house track sheds any light on his future releases, he’s set for huge things in 2015.

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