The Johnny Lemons are a four piece rock and roll band from Edmonton.

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"Arkavello is a talented young duo hailing from Edmonton, Alberta. They were brought together through the love of music and their will to make a positive change on the planet. The duo combines elements of Rock,Pop,Folk and Jazz into a diverse sound never heard before. With beautiful harmonies that are as delicate as they are powerful, intricate guitar riff and distinctive tribal drum patterns, they continue to grow and evolve as musicians while pushing the boundaries of music itself.

Their lyrical themes are made to spiritually awaken humanity through opening of the third eye. With topics ranging from the Illuminati, aliens and ancient archetypes Arkavello’s message is quite clear, there is something going on behind the curtains of our world and it feels quite misanthropic. With this in mind, they want the people of Earth to stand up and fight for love and peace through universal consciousness. Humanity needs to be aware and ready for the changes that are coming.​

Arkavello also tunes all their instruments to 432 Hz, which is believed to be aligned with the cosmic vibrations of the universe and give a more enlightened reaction to the mind and body.

On October 22nd 2015, Arkavello released their debut EP "Songs from the Future", which has received rave reviews from all across the world!

$5.00 - $10.00


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