The Discussion

The Discussion

The Discussion is the new musical endeavor by founding KYLESA member Laura Pleasants.
Pleasants is the co-leader, guitar player, and vocalist for the Savannah, GA based heavy
alternative rock band Kylesa who have been active for over fifteen years. She started the band
with Phillip Cope while she was a student at Savannah College of Art and Design (SCAD) in
2001. While the artistic direction of the band twisted and turned over the years, Kylesa always
remained relevant, heavy, and with a creative approach that often outreached their peers. With
Kylesa, Laura has released 7 studio albums, several eps and split releases, has appeared live
on NBC’s Last Call With Carson Daly, and has countless of international tours, festivals, and
high profile gigs under her belt. These gigs include, but are not limited to, direct support for the
popular metal band Mastodon, headlining shows in Russia, Australia, SE Asia, Japan, Canada,
Mexico, the US, and all over Europe.
In 2015, Kylesa collectively decided to go on hiatus. Pleasants returned to her home in the
Hostess City of Savannah, GA to work on other projects and interests. During this time she
began to write new music recording guitar, bass, keyboards, and vocals consciously deciding to
step away from the metal leanings of Kylesa. After a year of composing and recording demos of
new music she hooked up with local drummer and musician, Richard Adams of Dallas, TX.
Adams came to Savannah to attend SCAD where he studied sound. He received his BFA in
2015 and his MFA in sound design in June of this year. Adams has been playing drums since
he was a child and has played in bands located everywhere from Dallas to Savannah.
Pleasants saw him perform with a short lived Savannah outfit named Saint Corsair where she
noted his solid drum style with Keith Moon-like fills. She immediately approached him about the
possibility of starting something on the local level. The two began playing together off and on
and quickly developed a friendship both professional and personal. It wasn’t until the eve of
Adam’s 25th birthday over a scorpion bowl when they decided to take things to the next level.
As midnight struck the scorpion bowl’s venom was coursing through their veins. A fever dream
appeared with images of Europe on the horizon, thus The Discussion was born. The two
decided to form a band, record demos over the summer, and recruit a bass player for their tour
of Europe in the Fall of 2017.
Pleasants called on Derek Lynch, a local guitar player and NASA engineer, to play bass in the
project. Born in Savannah, Lynch played guitar in many bands, most notably A Girl, A Gun, A
Ghost (early 2000s Ferrat Records) and more recently Crazy Bag Lady who were signed to
Kylesa’s record label Retro Futurist.
Currently, Pleasants and Adams are recording a handful of songs for digital singles and a tour
CDEP. The singles will be released in July and August respectively and a limited number of EPs
will be pressed and available while on tour in Europe.
Musically, Pleasants describes the new sound:
“I’d say my new songs are more rock based in nature. There is a lot of love for early
post-punk, goth, late 80s alternative rock, Pink Floyd, krautrock and general psychedelia. Even
so, I think Kylesa fans will note that it sounds like me. There is a vibe.”

Twisty Cats

Comprised of PETER MAVROGEORGIS and BLAKE OLMSTEAD, Twisty Cats are an electro-punk rock band who marry the soul and swagger of The Cramps and some early New York City grit to the seductive throb of their primitive rhythm machine.

Founded in the late-night afterparty scene, the duo had their respective hands in the NYC music scene for a number of years. When Peter wasn't in the studio recording the likes of The National or Sharon Van Etten, he busied himself touring the world as guitarist for Tav Falco's Panther Burns, and his own band Bellmer Dolls. All this, while Blake hustled the New York City fashion industry, and moonlit as a DJ in the NYC Lower East Side haunts.

The couple moved to Savannah to "see what was there"; and there, immersed in the thick, heady atmosphere of that southern gothic relic, the Twisty Cats found their element, wrote, and recorded during the the late downtime hours at their recording studio/venue, "Dollhouse Productions"

The duo popped back up to NYC for well-received live appearances at the EV hotspot Berlin, in and around Brooklyn, Atlanta, and a host of other EC cities. Twisty Cats just completed their first EU outing having shared dates across Italy with Bilbao, Spain's glitterati Capsula and followed by solo dates in France. The band plans to return to Europe mid September to support their upcoming LP.

Rude Dude and The Creek Freaks

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