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Watashi Wa Dance Party

Watashi Wa Dance Party formed in San Diego, CA as a reincarnation of singer/guitarist AJ Peacox and drummer Erich Beckmann's studio project ErichFuckingPeacox!!! Realizing he'd found the missing link in their band's sound, Beckmann asked Wade Morris, standing outside the venue where his band had just played their final show, to help form a new band with Peacox.

Dissatisfied with the general direction of punk music in today's American suburbs, WWDP seeks to bring the high-energy, technically complex, lyrically positive ethos of Japanese punk bands to the San Diego music scene. Inspired by j-punk bands like Dustbox, Weinners, and Dradnats, the trio of songwriters have begun crafting songs that embody their individual musical styles as well as the sounds of their new found Japanese influences.

The band are currently recording a 14- song full length release to follow the 4-song EP released in summer 2015. Once the full length album is released the band will seek a 4th member in order to play shows in California and beyond.

Raised on TV

An alternative rock trio from the Valley of Los Angeles. Sandy shoes, a dirty van, three guys trying to make something bigger than themselves. SoCal, Psych, Rock.



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