The Golden Pelicans, Teenanger

The Golden Pelicans

In an age when nearly every underground band that gets media attention is post-something, it’s nice to find a group of individuals still blasting out straightforward, skull-bashing rock and roll. There are no synth players in the Golden Pelicans. No one—and I mean no one—in the band looks like they could be a model. Self-described as “hard punk,” the Colonialtown, Florida band are the embodiment of no-frills punk rock, meaning their guitar player doesn’t have to scale the walls of a venue or kick your drink in your face to get his point across. The music does the talking in the world of the Golden Pelicans, and it’s saying “fuck you.” -- NOISEY

Erik Grincewicz is their frontman—a bearded balding dude who doesn’t hesitate to soak a crowd in beer. He leads the charge with his abrasive, ultra-hoarse voice, which is both an unstable force and a riveting focal point. Guitarist Scott Barnes is the muscle, emboldening their overall attack with chugging heft and undeniable hooks. It’s Barnes’ sick guitar solos that push Golden Pelicans into that rare echelon of contemporary punk bands whose technical ability matches their guttural aggression. - PITCHFORK

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