Don Babylon w/  The Lounge Act (NYC), Black Mold Jesus, 3 Legged Dog

Don Babylon

The Lounge Act

Fans of easy, laid-back, soulful garage rock, rejoice. Anyone who loved The Strokes before Julian Casablancas got all heavy and weird, exult. The Lounge Act, who’ve been jamming out to their signature 90s-tinged garage rock, are creating a buzz worth doing some merrymaking about. There’s just such a purity of energy behind the sound The Lounge Act produces. Just like The Strokes or Arctic Monkeys of old, there’s a raw, elemental punch to the music that finds its way right into your feet and hips. It all sounds so easy and effortless. It all sounds like so much fun. It’s quite literally music to your ears. Man, this takes me back.Together since high school and making music under the name The Lounge Act for the last few years, these guys are undeniably tight.

-Independent Music News

Black Mold Jesus

The hour is upon you. Repent before the trinity of filth and waste. Nigh is the hymn of destruction.

3 Legged Dog

yonder grass and dirt and foam green bite white curling teeth overturn the breaking brisk of waves on crashing rocks/hail herald, drunken moon with sunken eyes watery and wet the captain wipes the drool from his lip, rummages from the woodworked pines, grabs the mast and drags the sails northwards towards the wind/set sail off to softer shores, cooler breezes, and lighter touches


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