Masta Ace ft. Wake Self w/ Def-i, WindchILL, Proximity, Buddhakai, Lingo, L0S, Arkus

Boasting an impressive rap résumé that includes membership in the legendary Juice Crew and a verse on the classic 1988 posse cut "The Symphony," Brooklyn's Masta Ace is an underground hip-hop veteran and luminary. Two years after the release of "The Symphony," Ace released his debut album, Take a Look Around, on the revered Cold Chillin' label. While not a huge commercial success, the keenly produced album spawned a hit single -- and a Yo! MTV Raps staple -- with the Biz Markie collaboration "Me and the Biz." The album affirmed Masta Ace's rightful place as a significant contributor to hip-hop's golden age era.
Ace returned to the fold in 1993, this time with his crew as Masta Ace Incorporated -- which featured Lord Digga and Paula Perry -- and dropped Slaughtahouse. The album broke ground by taking the synthesized West Coast sound and filtering it through a hardcore East Coast mentality. The memorable "Born to Roll," with its tweaked Moog/Kraftwerk bassline, brought Ace some serious commercial attention. In 1995, Masta Ace Incorporated dropped Sittin' on Chrome, a continuation of the previous album's themes, chock-full of Jeep beats but with even slicker sound. Using the Isley Brothers' much-sampled "For the Love of You" for the track "I.N.C. Ride" may have offended some of Ace's loyal fans, but the song's catchy vibe made it successful. Also known to release sleeper singles that cannot be found on his albums, Ace dropped one of his finest in 1996 with "Ya Hardcore" -- a bumping indictment of fake gangsters.
In 2000, Ace released a variety of singles including "Hellbound," a duet with Eminem that marked 12-plus years of experience in the rap business. Disposable Arts, an album released in 2001, was a well-received protest against watered-down rap with hints that the rapper was retiring. Ace hardly slowed down, however. He returned in 2004 with the conceptual album A Long Hot Summer and, a year later, he formed eMC with rappers Wordsworth, Punchline, and Stricklin. The group's first album, The Show, was released in 2008. A continued stream of featured appearances, as well as more substantial collaborative works, followed, including Arts & Entertainment (with Edo.G; 2009), MA_Doom: Son of Yvonne (with MF Doom; 2012), and a second eMC album (The Tonite Show; 2015).

It’s true. Rappers are a dime a dozen these days. It takes a unique voice,
innovative ideas and a killer work ethic to reach a nation of millions. Chuck D of Public Enemy, KRS-One and a handful of other talented emcees have paved the way for like-minded artists to attempt the nearly impossible. The harsh truth is most will fail. Others will rise to the occasion. Andy “Wake Self” Martinez is one of those people. As a staple in Albuquerque’s hip-hop community, Martinez is always grinding. From his work with his hip-hop band, Zoology, to his project, Definition Rare (with fellow emcee Christopher “Def-I” Bidtah) to his solo efforts, it seems there is nothing Martinez cannot do. Born in Roswell, New Mexico, his family moved to Fort Wingate, New Mexico soon after, which was located in the middle of the desert, surrounded by a lake, the mountains and various Indian Reservations. “It was beautiful and immensely positive for personal growth to live so close to nature,” he says. His parents would eventually relocate to Gallup, 336 miles northwest of Roswell. The vast landscape and solitude gave Martinez a place to discover himself. Around 1992, Martinez stumbled upon A Tribe Called Quest’s “Bonita Applebum” video and that was it. He fell in love with hip-hop. Since then, he has immersed himself in the culture. “Hip-hop has opened so many doors for me not just musically, but with personal growth and my relationships with friends and family. I am a spiritual person and believe that writing is a therapeutic meditation,” he explains. “Making music helps me feel free and more connected with myself and the world around me. Doing what I love never gets old. I've also met a lot of my best friends through hip-hop, which I am thankful for on a daily basis.” Hip-hop has taken Martinez on a nationwide tour with Evidence of Dilated Peoples where he opened up with his group, Definition Rare. It has taken him to Portland, Oregon where he participated in and won 2 Grindtime Battles. Zoology was named “Best Hip-Hop Group” in the Albuquerque Alibi newspaper. And that’s just the beginning. He has shared the stage with a slew of notable hip-hop acts such as KRS-One, Blackalicous, Del the Funky Homosapien and Souls of Mischief. Wake Self’s debut solo album, 2011’s Like ClockWork, is a brilliant showcase of his versatility as an artist. He can range from melancholic, self-reflective lyrics to in-your-face, bass-heavy party anthems. As far as his work with Zoology, 2011’s Krush Love, is another example of the positive energy emanating from Martinez. It’s all love, all the time. If his endless dedication to his craft is any indication of the success he will see in his future, then the future looks bright for Martinez. His spirituality and penchant for writing is evident in his music. This sets him apart from the ever-expanding sea of rappers out there. “I plan on doing something amazing that my mother can be proud of. I want to do more workshops and events involving the youth,” he says. “I know how it was growing up with so many emotions and needing an outlet. The world is a crazy place and it has a strange effect on people, but having and outlet to express and learnmore about yourself really helps people grow.”


Hailing from Harrisburg, PA, the capital of Pennsylvania, Matthew Groce, aka windchILL, got his first earful of hip hop in the late 1980's. Heavily influenced by Boogie Down Productions, Eric B and Rakim, Big Daddy Kane and many more, windchILL vows to remain loyal to the authentic hip hop sound of the Golden Era, while bringing a new school vibe revolving around beats and rhymes.
There came a time in 1996 where windchILL turned the corner from fan to artist. At first it was just a hobbie, and by the year 2000 windchILL was already known in Central PA as Lieutenant Freestyle. He got this name from rocking countless house parties with nothing but a mic and a freestyle.
He got serious and started song writing in about 2001, and by 2002 he had teamed up with some local like minded hip hop artists, and formed the group A.O.I. Better known as Artists Over Industry. Shortly there after in 2003 came the formation of Skies the Limit Productions or STLP, where chILL found himself as co-owner and head of promotions and marketing. After 2 big releases with A.O.I. chILL was ready to drop his first highly anticipated solo album entitled I HAVE ARRIVED. The album was released in 2007 and boasted the lead single PAY HOMAGE produced by JJ Brown and Dan Maier of 5G Productions out of Brooklyn, NY. This track is an infamous underground classic with a bunch of youtube threads as well as receiving heavy rotation on Pandora Radio! About 500 shows later, 9 releases, 2 tours, 3 videos and 7 years of pounding the pavement STLP unfortunately came to a close.
Like they say when one door closes 3 open. This was indeed the case for windchILL after the doors closed on STLP in 2010. Through hard work, perseverance and dedication windchILL was able to define a rock solid solo career. Literally a month after STLP closed its doors chILL was contacted by Diamond Music Group of Brooklyn, NY. They offered to take care of all future releases with a digital distribution deal, while chILL remained responsible for the hard copy distribution! Next came the meeting and relationship that was built with Crazeology Records from Italy! They are an up and coming production team that is taking over with production credits everywhere! In addition chILL started his own indie label called Fist Up Records to continue to carry the torch.
What the future holds is always a mystery. The whole time chILL has been penning his next chapter. His new album is titled THE HUMAN ANIMAL and is set to start recording in April of 2012 with a expected release date of fall/winter of 2014. For this project chILL called on none other then Anno Domini Records very own Vherbal! With recent production credits to Kool G Rap, Jedi Mind Tricks, Ras Kass, Canibus, Royce Da 5'9 it was very evident who chILL wanted to work with on the new album and that was indeed Anno Domini Records!


Proximity, the hip-hop conglomerate from Denver Colorado is a group driven from life experiences and a strong passion for music. This Colorado based collaborative movement consists of two innovative MC’s and a classic hip-hop DJ. Provoke and Grafik craft positive yet conscious lyrics that everyone can relate with while J Steele applies the backbone to their live performance implemented with classic vinyl samples, and the cuts with hand speed that wink to the old school era.

In 2003 Provoke and Grafik pulled their talents together to create “Proximity Minds” an 18 track self-titled album that sold over 500 copies locally in its 2005 release. It wasn’t long before this trio was added as main support for national acts such as Jurassic 5, Swollen Members, and Nas. In 2006 Proximity took their show on the road performing throughout Colorado and the Midwest region. After creating a buzz on tour Proximity moved forward with their sophomore album “When Push Comes to Shove” in 2007.

Shortly after the group took a hiatus from the road and studio to restructure their personal lives and focus on the future planning of the next album. This ground-breaking project declared the arrival of a significant new force in Colorado hip-hop. In March of 2014 Lead by Example took their loyal fans by storm and raised flags from national media outlets such as Bursting out of their scene Proximity signed the dotted line and joined forces with Universal Language. An independent record label with similar sounding artists such as world renowned Windchill and Nieve. This was a perfect fit and a building block for the group’s future success.

A few months later under the new regime of Universal Language, Proximity released “The Shock Therapy EP.” Electronically infused beats with a classic hard core hip-hop vibe, this masterpiece caught the attention of a whole new group of listeners and broke them onto the world wide scale. With all these exceptional accolades, Proximity has not only risen to the top of Colorado hip-hop, but has cemented themselves a place at the very forefront of the music industry.

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