PENN LIGHTBULB CAFE - “Listening Under Global Trumpism”

PENN LIGHTBULB CAFE - “Listening Under Global Trumpism”

Naomi Waltham-Smith, assistant professor of music, School of Arts & Sciences

“Listening Under Global Trumpism”

The crisis of political legitimacy and the collapse of the center left that have fueled the rise of the far right is often described as a failure to listen. Within this context, Dr. Waltham-Smith will examine how neoliberalism has transformed the way we hear, leading to a crisis of listening, and how studying the soundscapes of protest can provide new insights about a phenomenon that might be called global Trumpism. Dr. Waltham-Smith will share field recordings she made at marches, demonstrations and occupations in the U.S., the U.K. and France in response to the Brexit referendum, the election of Trump and the French presidential-election campaign.


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