Too Short

Too Short

Todd Shaw was born on April 28, 1966 in Los Angeles and moved to Oakland at the age of 14. He started his rap career in early 80's rapping custom made tapes which were sold on the streets. Too Short released his first album in 1985 on local 75 Girls label and in 1987 signed to Jive Records. In 1996 Short moved to live in Atlanta; he has since returned to Northern California. He has released 15 full length albums and is still active in the music industry.

Too Short was one of the first to represent the pimp/playa lifestyle in his lyrics. The phrase "Bee-yotch" is one of Short's trademarks.


BullHead*ded: the next big thing to hit the hip-hop community. After doing somewhere around 100 shows together in 2009 it was only natural for two of Colorado's premier hip hop groups to team up. Made Up Minds members Nato and ZET joined forces with Too Tone Taurus members Che Bong and JayPeS. to form the super group BullHead*ded. These four sharp-minded, strong-willed and BullHead*ded individuals will not let anything stand in their way. Not since the glory days of hip-hop has there been a power-house group of M.C.s all with there own unique style and flavor holding there own. Backed by the masterful production of Nato, BullHead*ded's music is upbeat, stimulating and intellectual. It is the type of music that moves your body as well as your mind. Armed with epic music, an unforgettable live performance and a BullHead*ded mind set this team is unstoppabull. BullHead*ded's debut album "Just The Tip" will be dropping summer 2012, to add to an already impressive list of releases including member Che-Bong's "Sleeping While You're Awake", and Made Up Mind's release "Of Sound Mind". No matter what the Chinese calendar says, 2012 is the year of the BULL. They are hitting the road and touring the beautiful countryside. Catch them in your town at you favorite venue. BullHead*ded has shared the stage with such greats as: Sage Francis, Pharoahe Monch, Dilated Peoples, People Under The Stairs, Doomtree, Souls Of Mischief, Del, Solillaquists Of Sound, Zion-I, EL-P, Mr. Dibbs, Pato Banton, Free Moral Agents, Astronautalis, Josh Martinez, Grayskul, Eyedea and Abilities, The Chicharones, Qwel, J-Live, Sleep, Planet Asia, Tha Alkaholiks, Ugly Duckling, DarkTimeSunshine, Glue, Sweatshop Union and many more.

SwizZy B

Born in Brooklyn, New York in 94' and Raised in Orlando, Florida, Justin DeJesus, Locally known as “SwizZy B” or just "SwizZy" is the Symbolization of True Underground Hip Hop. He's Epitomize True Hip Hop, wordplay, Metaphors, Imagery & all Figurative Language abilities. You can hear the aggression of his relentless soul searching childhood, passion & Strive to being the greatest Emcee and Hunger for success in every single released. SwizZy was like most young children who dreamed of a life amongst the stars. Always taking center stage he loved entertaining the crowd in local music & talent shows. At the age of 12 SwizZy B began writing a series of poetry concepts about the People & environment that surrounds him, Personal opinions on government stands, deep emotional & spiritual connections & Real life experiences that later took his Figurative Language Skills to the next level. Honing his ability to captivate the readers & listeners attention through short stories and fictional comics he then started realizing the potential power of his voice and unique writing skills that create imagery for the readers. Even though the friends and family he let read these poems, stories and comics were impressed and loved the artistry that he Embodied, He still felt the need to be heard on a larger scale. HIP HOP. Justin grew up in a less fortunate household & Neighborhood were Drug Dealers were on every Corner and Gang Members were Robbing any new face in the neighborhood. Hip Hop & Rap was a HUGE Cultural movement at the time, ESP in his neighborhood, if you weren't either playing Basketball or Selling drugs you were never going to make it out the hood, Only thing we had left to get out of poverty was Rapping.. It was just Music in general. By age 15 SwizZy wrote and recorded his first Record at an in home studio and thats when he realized why he was put in this universe for. Creating the power of music, Conscience music that anyone from anywhere celebrating any culture can relate to. Over the past years of 2012-2015 not only has SwizZy progressed tremendously with his Songwriting abilities and Stage Presence, He has established a strong and loyal following as well as Found and coordinated a successful Music Collective via LoUd Life Crew. Now in 2016 with 100+ Performances under his belt, 2015 Orlando Freshman Class Award via Apex Coture Magazine, Urban & Online Radio spins & Opened up for some Big Name Acts such as Joell Ortiz of Slaughterhouse, Pastor Troy, Kidd Kidd of G Unit, Junior "One Blood" Reid & Caskey of Cash Money Records and More, He's ready to claim his throne as Leader of the New School Underground. Now at the age of 22, This is just the Beginning for this Young Prolific Emcee, He's not slowing down and the speed he's developing his skills is not only Inevitable but Inconceivable.

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