Magen Tracy & the Missed Connections

"A singer-songwriter with pinup swagger.”

“It’s like if Tori Amos and Lucinda Williams made out.”

Magen Tracy & the Missed Connections combines soulful vocals, poignant songwriting, and piano-driven pop-rock with a dash of sleazy swagger and alt-country twang. A veteran of the New England singer-songwriter circuit and a busy sideplayer in the Boston rock scene (St. Helena, Parlour Bells, Nate Leavitt Band, and others), Tracy first brought her bittersweet ballads and fierce anthems center stage in 2015 with the release of her first solo EP, Fiercely, produced by Nate Leavitt and featuring a host of familiar faces in Boston music (Leavitt, Dan Nicklin, Ned Gallagher, Sam Spencer, Stud Green, Kelly Davis).

2016’s follow-up single, “Harder Girl” and the forthcoming EP is produced by Craig Small (Airport, Waltham), and features the full-time band, Magen Tracy & the Missed Connections, comprised of Tracy, Small, Green, Spencer, and Tamora Gooding. Where the name ‘Missed Connections’ used to refer to the fact that each show featured a new set of musicians–people Tracy had either played with on other projects, or had always wanted to–it’s now a fully-realized lineup (with occasional guest stars).

Lonely Leesa & the Lost Cowboys

We take you to the place where love has died. Then we sit at the bar stool and we write songs about the it. Channel our inner Loretta and Lucinda.

The Daylilies

The Daylilies are a Massachusetts quintet featuring former and current members of the Fast Easy Women, Mistle Thrush and Reverse. Drawing on early influences that include the post-punk sounds of Chairs Missing-era Wire or Public Image Limited, as well as the post-grunge sounds of PJ Harvey or Garbage, the band is midway through the process of crafting a sound that is aggressive yet tidy; energetic yet wistful.

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Minors may be admitted when accompanied by parent or legal guardian, up to 2 minors per adult.

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