Hailing from Nashville and now based in Los Angeles, Anne Dereaux started writing music seven years ago, with it
beginning as one of her creative outlets, alongside architectural designs and poetry. Two years ago, while
performing as half of the pop duo, Dead Right, a series of pivotal moments -- including seeing a California sunset
for the first time ever despite living there for years -- led Anne Dereaux to turn her passion into a full-time career.

Though the Dead Right collaboration was short lived, the pair’s only single, “Rising Tide,” saw much success,
including sync placements on romantic comedies and even a Coors commercial. The brevity of Dead Right was
bittersweet and ultimately, it challenged Anne Dereaux to take creative control by the reins and venture out as a
solo artist.

Named “Best New Artist of April 2017” by Pigeons & Planes, Anne has made a big splash since her debut as a solo
artist. Immediately, “Mo(u)rning” caught the attention of legendary producer Rick Rubin and it led the two to
connect at Shangri-La. Her music has been featured on The Fader, Highsnobiety and Earmilk, just to name a few,
and her impeccable style was showcased in The Coveteur’s “New Wave” editorial series. Furthermore, in April, she
appeared in the finale of HBO’s hit series, Big Little Lies.
Set to release summer 2017, Book of Lolita is inspired by an alter ego Anne created when she was eight years old. “I
would turn into ‘Lolita’ when I was tired of my mundane life as a stressed second grader (haha),” Anne explains,
“and my mom would legit get worried because I wouldn’t break character for days at a time. It was just the space I
wanted to occupy, where I could think, and feel, and express myself as I pleased.” From Lolita’s voice, the 6-track
EP is sometimes idealistic, sometimes naive; equally sensitive as it is abrasive; and always authentically entrenched
in the journey of self-discovery. But what one discovers when broken down only to build themselves up again, is
their purpose in the context of a world much larger than themselves. The first half of the EP is an inward facing
dialogue, while the second half takes a step into the world outside.

Anne is writing alongside renowned producers, including FKi 1st of Mad Decent (Post Malone, Travis Scott,
2Chainz), Trakmatik of Roc Nation (Elijah Blake, Common, Goapele) REO (Beyoncé, Bruno Mars) and Soraya
LaPread (A.Chal, Jojo).


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