Jeremy Larson is a classically trained pianist, composer and producer who created the collective Violents in 2014.
On each Violents release, Jeremy composes the music, writes the lyrics, plays every instrument and then partners
with a female vocalist to bring the songs to life. The tone of each release varies from minimal, electro-pop to
lush, anthemic orchestrations.
Previous collaborators include Stacy King (Eisley, Sucre), Olga Yagolnikov (Kye Kye), and singer-songwriter Annie
Williams. Jeremy will release the fourth Violents installment (and first full length Violents LP) titled Awake and
Pretty Much Sober featuring vocals from Monica Martin (of Phox) via Partisan Records in Spring of 2017.

MYZICA, the brainchild of producer Micah Tawlks and singer Isaaca Byrd, is the latest indie pop duo to come out of the Nashville music scene. In the spring of 2014, after a few weeks of tinkering with the bones of some new tracks, Tawlks finished what would become MYZICA’S first song, “Ready Or Not,” in the hollows of his basement during a co-writing session with singer-songwriter Matthew Perryman Jones. He immediately turned to his longtime friend Byrd, with whom he’d always wanted to work as a lead vocalist after meeting her while she was playing bass and singing background vocals for artists like The Bridges and Harrison Hudson. Three weeks later, the newly formed duo had finished three additional songs – including “Wait Just A Minute” – with even more written, and MYZICA was officially born. The band’s debut EP will be out later this summer.



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