Chanti Darling on the Bar Bar Patio

Chanti Darling

1: Chanti Darling p. noun \'ʃǽnti dɑ́rlɪŋ\- :Future Funktified Post R&B(oogie) ; Sexy jams for days on in ;Not so Quiet Storm...

Maarquii + JVNITOR

Bryson Cone

Bryson Cone is a solo project started by Bryson Hansen in March 2016. Hansen is an artist living and working in Portland, OR. Hansen has played in various other projects including main songwriter and singer for Fog Father, synth wizard for Reptaliens and Cat Hoch band, guitar geek for Sex Money Monks and a few live guitar gigs with Gary Wilson. Bryson Cone is currently hard at work on a debut full length album.

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This day party on the bar bar patio is 21+

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