Strange to Look At, Professional Victims

Strange to Look At

Established in 2017, Strange to Look At is a fittingly weird meeting of the minds set to shake up the Syracuse music scene.

The band's five players trace their roots back to a variety of styles — from blues to punk rock, to prog, to ska, to North Indian classical music. As Strange to Look At, they've found unity in an affinity for horror and sci-fi soundtracks and female-fronted indie rock.

At times sludgy, then psychedelic, then lush and danceable, but always a little spooky, Strange to Look At makes the kind of noise that's best experienced live.

"It made me want to trick-or-treat."
—Sam Levey, Funk 'n Waffles

Professional Victims

Professional Victims are an alternative rock band escaping from Syracuse, NY. Complete with the new beats, sonic guitars, swirling synths, & hooky hooks.



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