Honest Men

If songs shouldn't just be sound in your ears, then they should provoke thought, elicit emotion, and spark curiosity. They should speak to the soul, lifting it up, healing it, making it question, making it soar. With their upcoming debut EP, Honest Men aims to do just that. Taking a familiar story and telling it in an unfamiliar way, Honest Men takes listeners on a journey through desert and fire, kings and kingdoms, death and life. With musical influences like Colony House, Young the Giant, Future of Forestry, and MUTEMATH, frontman Seth Findley, along with electric guitarist Brooks Whitehurst, drummer Zach Solomon, and bassist Nathan Wallace, creates music for her, him, and them. From epic anthems that make you want to sing along, to soft sweeping melodies that make you want to sit and listen, to jams that make you want to get up and dance, Honest Men is guaranteed to leave you with a chorus or two playing over in your head. Find them on social media @honestmenmusic.

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