Davey Suicide

The name "Suicide" came from the notion that unless you stop yourself, there's no reason you can't achieve whatever you want in this life.

Hailing from Unholywood Killafornia, Davey Suicide is cultivating the underground by fusing arena rock, gutter grit, sleaze, sex and theatrics into their own “nu” brand of industrial rock. The band, which features Davey Suicide along with Drayven Davidson, Needlz, Niko Gemini, and Derek Obscura, distills heavy metal, industrial and punk into anthems that are as corrosive as they are catchy. "Rock fans haven’t gone anywhere,“ Suicide exclaims, “they just need a reason to fall in love again.”

Formed in 2010, Suicide played a few huge shows in Hollywood before garnering the attention of a couple labels and the original manager of Linkin Park. By early 2012, Suicide signed a record deal and started extensively touring by the summer of 2012. Over the next five years, the band went on 16 tours and put out 3 releases including an EP entitled, Put Our Trust in Suicide (Nov 2012), the self titled Davey Suicide LP (March 2013) and the World Wide Suicide LP (September 2014).

Along the way, Suicide gained notable press from Kerrang Magazine as one of the Top 50 Rockstars in the World, Alternative Press’ 100 Bands You Need to Know, Revolver Magazine’s Ones to Watch, and numerous features in Big Cheese, Outburn, Substream, Scuzz TV & Blank TV.

In in the spring of 2015, Suicide and former record label locked horns in a year and a half long litigation over rights of Suicide’s albums and numerous contractual breaches. In August of 2016, Suicide released a tell-all video depicting the details of what the band and he had gone through with the label. The video turned into a media circus amassing over 1.3 million views, and reaching over 3 million people in a matter of days. Shortly after the video went viral, the lawsuit ended up getting settled. The video was then removed after the settlement.

In late August of 2016, Suicide released the empowering single, “Rise Above” which is the first taste of their upcoming 3rd studio album entitled, “Made From Fire.”

On September 16, 2016, the Davey Suicide catalogue will be re-released on Itunes, and all digital outlets by the band. Made From Fire, the 3rd studio LP, is rumored for a 2017 release. Suicide exclaims, “All of this adversity has brought out the best in us. It could have ended us, but instead, we’ve created our most exciting collection of material to date.”

Amerakin Overdose

Out of the womb of Portland, Oregon emerges Amerakin Overdose, a hard hitting, groove oriented rock band with attitude and flare. A blend of modern pop vocal melodies, heavy keyboard integration and the aggression and emotive nuances of the biggest bands of yesteryear. Unleashed upon Western Civilization in 2010, Amerakin Overdose played show after show, growing their fan base like a government created contagion with the release of their Self-Titled debut CD.

Relentless work and plague-like social media tactics have allowed Amerakin Overdose to tackle several tours, including a very successful tour with Mushroomhead at the end of 2015. This is due in no small part to repeated and consistent sales and performances opening for a long list of national acts, and an extensive line of Amerakin Overdose themed merchandise.

Amerakin Overdose is the brainchild of Cody Perez, the band’s vocalist. He works closely with The Human to write and record the music at Human Studios. After the majority of the writing is done, they bring in Brandon Sills on Bass, Brick on drums, and Pete “Filth” Perez as secondary vocalist. Bringing an intense experience both audibly and visually, the music is a representation of our current corporate fueled world, where greed and power is the coin of the realm.

With a tireless work ethic and a desire to continue expanding and growing as a band, Amerakin Overdose’s future plans are to continue to create, explore, and to use their own lyrics, get new fans to “Open your mind, see whats inside.” Its this determination and outside perspective that make Amerakin Overdose at once introspective and socially observant, with an ear to the ground towards modern trends and topics.

Impending plans are to release their new full length album, “The Great Amerakin Dream” Sept 30th. With vocalist Waylon Reavis (formerly of Mushroomhead) and guest production from Ahrue Luster (Ill Nino, Machine Head), this record will continue to push the sonic envelope and keep the band in the running for the next big thing to hit the rock scene.

Mixed Messages combines sounds of Dark Wave, EBM, and Rock all into one sound. They create a situation in which an individual is receiving multiple verbal and/or nonverbal cues that contradict each other, from the same person or persons. The song playing sounds sad, but the singer is screaming it into your face and throwing VHS tapes at the audience. The audience applauds but spits liquor at the singer at the same time. Typical reactions to this behavior are confusion, anger, and a willingness to cease communication with the person. Originality is a false god, and there's nothing left to say that has not been already said a hundred times. So we will scream what we have to say, sing what we don't, cause your ears to want more while they bleed, and leave you feeling satisfied and violated.

Dark Matter Noise

A Seattle band creating dark industrial, ambient electronic and metal music. The band started playing and recording in 2007. First digital release was in 2008.

Pill Brigade

we are not here to be innovative...we have nothing to "say"...we just like to be loud and obnoxious...make no mistake about it...this is a shitty punk band disguised as an electro band...THIS IS ELECTRO-SHIT!!!!!

the makings of pill brigade began in my apartment in seattle on university ave back in 2003 when i first began exprimenting with fruity loops and acid pro, through the years it existed as a means to entertain myself when i was bored...fast forward to 2006...i was living in phoenix AZ and after attending numerous Sadsico* events, a mutation happend with pill brigade that brought vocals into the picture...after moving back to seattle things continued to progress, leading up to pill brigades live debut on 1/15/07...since that time i have continued making progress with minimal effort that has lead to the addition of live members for both shows and recordings...we have also had the pleasure of sharing the stage with the following bands(name drop time): Alter Der Ruine, W.A.S.T.E., Accessory, Dust Is Noise, [syndika:zero], nolongerhuman, The S1ND1CATE, Ikonoklast, Hardwire, Politik 89...as well as playing with some awesome locals like Desillusion, This Soil Is Diseased, FT13, Rabbit Junk and Tasty Gore...i never would have thought that when i first started pill brigade that it would come as far as it has and as i continue to push forward with minimal effort i wonder where it will go next... - Prof. Zlex 5/9/09

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