Neon Raps featuring Kami

Kami De Chukwu

Chicago Native Artist KAMI, most recently released his freshman project titled, “Just Like The Movies,” earlier this year. As one of the original creators of the Savemoney collective, KAMI joined forces with the likes of Vic Mensa, Chance the Rapper, Joey Purp and Towkio to create a movement in Chicago to showcase the diversity in the Chicago Rap Scene. KAMI’s unique outlook on the world, and an in depth ability to express that view through his music separates him from any of his peers and creates a lane of his own in the industry.

Mfn Melo

MFnMelo is a musical artist from the West side of Chicago who's apart of the West side boy band Pivot Gang. Muhfuckin, which he prefers to be called, recently just got back from tour with Pivot Gang and is set to release his debut project, MeloDramatics this summer. Though he's thoroughly dedicated to music, he spends most of his time with his nephew who he helps raise. ForeverJohnWalt.

Marvelous the Rapper

Marvin Jones is a Rapper from the Westside of Chicago who has been getting the nod from the city as next up. Marvelous raps about the everyday and real life struggles. Not only is Marvelous a rapper but he is a dedicated family man to his kids and girlfriend. Music isn't a way out for Marvelous, it's an opportunity to provide for his loved ones. His raspy voice draws the listeners ears. Marvelous is currently working on a EP with producer Cory Ayo (prod credits Audio Push and GEazy).


Jofred Estilo is a Filipino rapper who spent the beginning years of his life on the west coast. With SoCal roots in Carson, Jofred began experimenting and writing at 11 years old, detailing the Asian American second generation experience surrounded by heavy gang/drug culture. Jofred’s unique origins curate a genre bending sound using an aggressive storytelling base mixed with melodic harmonies and alternative production. Spending his teens in Chicago, his influences expanded to artists like Kanye, Lupe Fiasco, N.E.R.D while surrounded by electronic/house music. In Chicago, Jofred cofounded the Grammy nominated group, CHINZA//FLY, with Steven Pugh and Rob Lyrical in 2010. The group went on to produced A$AP Ferg’s hit “Work” and Nicki Minaj’s “Shanghai.” Today, Jofred is currently on the verge of releasing his debut mixtape titled “TULPA.”


Who is Sundé? From the beautiful homeland of Congo to the Chicago Skyline comes Sundé. An artist whose music doesn’t aim for one genre but more of just the vibe of the day. With influences from Andre 3k to Amy Winehouse to Offset, Sunde gives listeners a full experience. After graduating from high school in Rockford, Ill Sundé embarked on her most challenging adventure yet: creating a brand. With the music scene in Chicago booming now was possibly the best time to pop up as a brand new artist. At only 19 years old Sundé has just only scratched the surface of where her tropical trap or “Gentle Trap” sound can go.

DJ set by SqueakPIVOT

SqueakPIVOT is a producer and live deejay from the West Side of Chicago apart of the fast-rising rap group Pivot Gang. Squeak recently got back from touring and live deejaying all throughout the U.S in 19 different cities with Saba, and has played a series of shows in Chicago since he has been in town. He has also produced for artists such as Christian Jalon, Mfn Melo, dinnerwithjohn and more.

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