Tennyson the band formed a few years back when Luke infused jazz styles into his computer-programmed bedroom productions. He's the true musical force behind the group. The band's moniker is his middle name. Luke and Tess spent the better part of their childhood performing actual analog jazz in cafes across their native Canada. They've been musical as long as they can remember — their dad made sure of that, exposing them to wild soundscapes as far back as prenatal times.

"A couple years ago, my dad was playing African drum rhythm music," Luke explains. "I heard it and I just had all these crazy full-body flashbacks. (My parents) explained that they used to play that really loud and dance around the house with candles."

"Honestly, it took me to this year to hear the full extent of my parents' tactics," Tess continues. "My dad told me that when we were kids, we used to crawl under tables and chairs and stuff, but he didn't want us to stop stimulating ourselves, so he took all the tables and the chairs into the garage and painted patterns on the bottoms."

Photay is the solo musical endeavor of Evan Shornstein, a 21-year-old hailing from the lush and peaceful evergreen valley of Woodstock, NY.

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