Bonnie LeClair ~ Reg Ballagh ~ Jon Rehder

Bonnie LeClair ~ Reg Ballagh ~ Jon Rehder

Bonnie LeClair

"Bonnie LeClair, a native of PEI, is a superb singer and songwriter. Ron Sexsmith has described Bonnie's voice as "beautiful, pure, and unaffected", and her presence is equally disarming and refreshing. Early in her career she was already sharing the stage with Canadian icons such as Gordon Lightfoot, Gene MacLellan, John Allan Cameron, Ian Tyson, and Valdy."

Reggie Ballagh

"Reggie Ballagh, Prairie boy turned Islander, has been part of the East coast music scene for the past thirty some years. He has recorded and toured with the likes of Catherine MacLellan, Scott Parsons, Rhythm Rules, Chas Guay, Meaghan Blanchard and Got Blues and currently he's a core member of the very popular Amanda Jackson Band."

Jon Rehder

"Since moving to PEI from Montreal 20 years ago, Jon Rehder has performed with just about everybody on the PEI music scene. In addition to being a gifted songwriter, Jon's completely comfortable in a wide range of musical styles. His multi-instrumental fluency on guitar, bass, and piano and soulful baritone vocals have made him a central figure of the Island musical scene. Jon is also a core member the the Amanda Jackson Band.



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