OPERUS w/ Crimson Shadows, Profaner

It all started a few years back as a side project from the power metal band Adllivyttumm. While playing concerts in regional tours around Mexico and studying music at the University of Guadalajara, Oscar Rangel started to compose his own style of music based on his different influences.

After many years of hard work in composing a multitude of songs that surpassed the musical purpose of Adllivyttumm, everything started to make sense. Since the music started to roam into other styles than that of Oscar Rangel’s former band, he decided to leave the limits of the musical instrumentation and style of composition he faced. He then dedicated his talent and creativity in expressing his thoughts and emotions through his own music and created this project.

Around spring of 2008 Kirsti Heitz appeared in the picture, giving the music all the lyrical power and epic feeling that Oscar always wanted but could never achieve.

In June of 2009 Oscar moved his project to Toronto and started to record the first rough demo under the band name "Masquerade at the Opera", production called “Winter Nightmare”. Named after the cold winter of that year that influenced the composition of most of the songs.

Later in 2011 Masquerade at the Opera changed to Operus and with this change a bigger production is taking place called after the former name of the band.

In November of 2012 Guitarist Brittany Dasilva and Drummer Broderick Archer joined the lines of Operus.

In October of 2013 bassist Wojtek Sokolowski, Cellist Robin Howe and Flutist/Soprano Tara Mills completed the line up.

Lastly, After the formation stage, the band's line up is solidified with Will Patterson (Vocals), Tara Mills (Flute/Vocals), Oscar Rangel (Guitar/Vocals), Robin Howe (Cello), Wojtek Sokolowski (Bass/Vocals) and JJ Tartaglia (Drums).

Currently the band is working on their debut album "The Book of Shadows".

Crimson Shadows

In the frozen reaches of Canada, where the mountains meet the sea; a band of young men locked in steadfast tenacity have assembled to live out their worldly dreams. The dawn of 2014 has seen Crimson Shadows borne to international praise and repute by their unwavering delivery of boundary-crushing and genre-defying modern death and power metal.

‘Combining the fiercest elements of power and death metal with crushing guttural vocals, three-part vocal harmonies, seraphic guitar-work, formidable bass and miles of breakneck drumming; Crimson Shadows have unveiled a new breed of extreme metal both ironclad and spellbinding, leaving Crimson Shadows sights set for the stratosphere!’

Having appeared at the world stage of Wacken Open Air in Germany mid-2013, the band triumphantly laid claim to the title of International Wacken Battle Champions. After touring their native Canada coast to coast, Crimson Shadows are ready to take the world by the throat and deliver their brand of heroic metal that only the ice-clad lands of Canada can forge!

Fusing the speed and aggression of thrash metal with the hooks and power of melodic death metal, Profaner deliver a ferocious live show, which is backed up by their first full length release 'Signs of Nine'.

In 2008, Profaner was formed from members of minor local bands like Nexus, Lucifuge,and Elwood Blatch. Through their travels they have shared the stage with respected metal acts such as Kataklysm, Into Eternity, Kalmah and Atheist.

The band line up as of 2015 consists of Jason Crook on the guitar and backup vocals, Anthony 'Tooty' Tuttolomondo on lead vocals, Rusty on bass, Pat Rogers on guitar and Craig Piggot on drums.


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