10th ONCE BBQ, Luau and Beer Garden

Keytar Bear

Known to perch on the platforms along various MBTA lines, strapped with his portable piano and donning the ruffled yet somewhat-fluffy animal costume, Keytar Bear has captured the hearts of the commuting public. Within months of first launching his busking career, Keytar Bear has already amassed a loyal following, and a Facebook fan page was created in honor of his musical talents – he’s even booking gigs outside of the tunnels and train stops where he’s usually seen rocking out with a portable amplifier by his side. (credit: Boston Magazine)

$10.00 - $75.00

Off Sale

Cuisine en Locale with ONCE Somerville present:

All the day drinking and all the meat eating your carnivorous heart desires.

Served off the grill, one item at a time, “palindrome style”: starting and finishing with the same rockin’ goodies.

The rock star of this year’s menu will be a Whole Roast Pig, and Luau accompaniments, but you can also look for Maple Rubbed Slow Roasted Pork Ribs, Rosemary Garlic Grilled Leg of Lamb and Beer Mustard BBQ Chicken served alongside local vegetables, fish, and all of the abundance of New England in early August.

Admission to the local craft beer garden (over 21) and parking lot is $10 suggested donation. Menu will be served ala carte as items become available with prices varying. Purchase these tickets at the event!

All ten courses of delicious BBQ is available for $75.

$55 presale for ALL YOU CAN EAT BBQ starts at 8/2 at 10am - 8/4: promo code "PIGOUT"!

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