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Clarence Spady Band

Clarence Spady Biography

Guitarist, singer and songwriter Clarence Spady, a 40-something blues musician,has a bright future. Spady, born and raised in Paterson, N.J., but now living in Scranton, PA, has been credited with taking the music in new and exciting directions, writing at times introspective, autobiographical blues lyrics for the 1990s.

His debut for the Philadelphia-based Evidence Music, Nature of the Beast,received critical praise from all corners of the blues world, and he's signed to a multi-album deal with the label. (Spady recorded the album independently before executives at Evidence signed him.) Like diddley bow player Lonnie Pitchford, Spady was cited by Living Blues magazine as one of the "top 40 under 40" blues players to watch in the future.

Spady learned blues from his father, and played his first professional show as a five-year-old in kindergarten, where he performed B.B. King and James Brown tunes for his classmates.

Raised in Scranton, Pa., where he's still based, Spady would sit on his dad's lap and watch him play guitar until bedtime. Spady got his first guitar at age four; blues fever caught him early on, and he's never let it go. His first show came later that year, when he was six, playing with his father, older brother,aunt and uncle at the Paterson Elks Club in New Jersey. Like any good bluesman,Spady was raised singing in church, which he attended every Sunday with his mother. Unlike other Southern bluesmen who were raised just a generation earlier, the blues were not forbidden in the Spady household; quite the contrary, they were encouraged, since his father and other relatives played the music. Spady sang gospel music in church and took his cue from the secular music of the day played on the radio around New York City, including James Brown, the Isley Brothers and Jimi Hendrix. He counts B.B. King and Albert Collins among his main blues mentors, and throughout his formative years, Spady played with various rock and gospel groups, honing his chops in the hope that one day he would lead his own blues band.

After he graduated from high school in 1979, Spady hit the road with regional groups and spent most of the 1980s with the Greg Palmer Band, which opened for major touring acts like the Temptations, the Four Tops and the Spinners. After getting off the road in 1987, Spady played lead guitar in several Scranton-area blues bands and also directed the Shiloh Baptist Church Choir. By the early 1990s, Spady decided to lead his own band.

Much of the material on Nature of the Beast is drawn from his personal experience with drugs and his former relationships with women. Although he's long since dropped the drug habit the experiences provided him with fodder for some of the songs on his debut.

Spady's multi-album deal with Evidence Music was formalized in February, 1996,after the company agreed to remaster and repackage Nature of The Beast, the independently released album which got him radio airplay and allowed him to tour clubs and festivals up and down the East Coast.

Spady will be a force in the blues world for a long time to come, as he backs up great singing with stellar guitar playing and a creative muse for blues lyric writing that the world will find refreshing. ~ Richard Skelly, All Music Guide

The Dishonest FIddlers

The Dishonest Fiddlers are a 4 piece acoustic band playing original and traditional folk, bluegrass, and jug band inspired music.

Dustin Douglas & The Electric Gentlemen

Capturing the vibe of late 60’s blues-laced rock n’roll, Pennsylvania’s premier power trio, Dustin Douglas & The Electric Gentlemen mix retro-style and groove (Jimi Hendrix Experience, Black Crowes, Led Zeppelin) for a lightning charged, vintage style all their own.

Led by the transcendent lead guitarist/singer/songwriter Dustin Douglas (Lemongelli, The Badlees), The Electric Gentlemen leave even the most discerning music fans with little left to ask for at the end of any live set.

The Hoppin' Boxcars

Folk/Bluegrass/Country/Americana/Jazz/Big Band/Click It Tee Clack/Train Music♥ This very eclectic band is a genre mixing train off the tracks!!

Band Members

Matthew Cicchetti-Vocals, Acoustic Guitar
Tom Musselman-Drums
Justin Monteleone-Electric Guitar
Mike Carlton-Mando-Harp
Anthony Byrnes-Percussion
Craig Edgerton-Percussion
Dave Tassoni- Bangitar/Acoustic
Joe Tassoni-Upright Bass
Dave Dubroff/ Keys

Phyllis Hopkins Electric Trio

Nolan Ayres, Phyllis Hopkins, and Julio Caprari all come from
diverse musical backgrounds

PHYLLIS HOPKINS has shared stages with many top tier blues artists through the course of her career. Known for her unique voice and fiery guitar solos, she has already released two independent CD's of her own music.

Although the songs run the gamut from rock to quirky pop, the cornerstone of all of her work has been a deep love of blues. Most of her work is rooted in blues, regardless of where it may roam stylistically. You can hear healthy doses of Magic Sam and Ronnie Earl in her guitar playing. Her voice is dynamic, sometimes quiet, and demure, and other times, loud and forceful.

Drummer JULIO CAPRARI'S was a member of Sting Ray's Blues Band. It was here that he met bassist NOLAN AYRES who was also part of Ray's band. After that group dissolved, it was a few years until the two would work together again, this time behind Phyllis. From their back bone shuffles, driving rock, and Latin styles to their slow dynamic rhythms; this trio has proved to be a perfect fit and were out playing almost immediately.

The band has just released their first independent CD titled
“The Phyllis Hopkins Electric Trio”

The Jakobs Ferry Stragglers

If you like your bluegrass heavy and traditional with stirring harmonies and powerful instrumentation delivered with steaming side dishes of progressive originality and garnished with high country psychedelia and working man's tonic, then look no farther than The Jakob's Ferry Stragglers.

Friars Point Band

Friar’s Point Band offers a wide array of “Original” contemporary Rockin’ Blues Music as well as covering the classics with their high-energy yet dynamic approach to the blues genre.

Mountain Ride

Mountain Ride was forged in the Great Valley of south-central Pennsylvania, for the simple need to play bluegrass. For these five friends, bluegrass is a necessity. Hailing from the new generation of bluegrassers, they tend to bring a unique flair to the traditional, and a progressive twist to the original. Mountain Ride is composed of Eric Avey (guitar and vocals), Chance Hurley (mandolin), Scott Matlock (fiddle and vocals), Corey Woodcock (banjo), and Kate Avey (bass and vocals). With years of experience under their straps and strings, they have found something new, something that can only be described as Mountain Ride.

Static in the Attic

$15.00 - $45.00


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