Booze, Lust, Lies & Heartache...A voice for the everyday working man, Cash O'Riley writes and sings songs about Hard Livin', Tough Lovin' and the temptations of Good and Evil. A sound that travels beyond genre, Cash's style of Roots music is a blend of Rock & Roll, Blues, Folk, Punk, Country, Bluegrass and sometimes a little Jazz and Funk. His style is all his own; depending more on the quality of music rather than writing a hit or having the stranger gimmick. Cash O'Riley is a true American Roots Music Outlaw that brings the Redemption of Real Music to every listener.

2016 Ameripolitan Music Awards Nominee for Best Outlaw Male

Billy Catfish

Billy Catfish is a country-folk singer-songwriter and performance artist. He performs this sort of material solo under various names, most notably Billy Catfish Orchestra. He currently leads songwriter/country rock animals The Fabulous Byurd Brains.

He's been performing as Billy Catfish for more than 20 years, first leading the two-piece punk/blues unit Little Billy Catfish & The Sodapops, then heading up the Billy Catfish 3trio. After a short stint on the fringes of Chicago’s experimental rock scene, he formed psych rock band Lonesome Tumblers. He’s more recently performed with songwriter-folk outfits Painwater and The Pteradactyls, punk stallions Public Venom, noise outfit PINK TEEF, and indie rock group The Chauncers.

Billy Catfish has performed throughout Ohio and Kentucky, up to Detroit and Chicago, down into Nashville and Memphis, over to New York, Jersey and into Philly, and plenty of other spots in-between. He’s released a string of cassettes, records and CDs all the way.

“(Billy’s) music became more personal, deeper and full of honesty. It developed a serrated edge that tore at the very essences of all that ‘real’ surrounding him, varied in every approach to his music … like a lost document from Gram Parsons, Neil Young or Willie Nelson.” - Shawn Abnoxious, CityBeat

“Dude, you fucking rock.” (Nick Oliveri, from Queens of the Stone Age and Kyuss said that while shaking my hand)



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