The World Famous Mad House Comedy Club Showcase Special

Up to 8 super talented comedians go onstage, back, to back, to back. You get everyone's best 10 or 15 min and if you happen to not like one comedian... you don't have to stare at them for an hour! It's like the All Star Game of Comedy and more fun than one person should be allowed to have 🙂

Taylor Tomlinson - Conan, NBC's Last Comic Standing

Taylor Tomlinson started doing stand up comedy at just sixteen years old, when she realized that her quiet, sarcastic asides were not being adequately appreciated by her peers. Her self-deprecating charm and conversational wit have made her a favorite at comedy clubs, colleges, corporate events, and other suspicious, rented spaces across the country. She was featured in her own regular segment ("Young as Hell") on Laughs on FOX season 1 and can now be seen hosting the show every week. She was a top ten finalist on season 9 of NBC's Last Comic Standing and can be seen on the upcoming season of Adam Devine's House Party on Comedy Central.

Carmen Morales has developed a captivating style which incorporates opinionated quick wit and outlandish characters. Taking from family, friends and people from everyday encounters she transforms into these characters seamlessly, then adds hilarious commentary which leaves the audience doubled over in laughter. With a perfect combination of like-ability and vulnerability she has been well received by audiences internationally. She's been seen on the tv show "Laughs" on Fox and heard on Sirius XM radio in the U.S. and Canada. She's also been featured in Gilda's LaughFest Comedy Festival, the World Series of Comedy, Scruffy City Comedy Festival, Women of Comedy Festival, in the New York Times and has produced her own traveling comedy show, The Not Your Average Broads of Comedy as well as performed in comedy clubs, colleges, strip malls, indie shows, dive bars, towns no one has ever heard of and military bases across the country.

JC Currais

Born and raised in Miami FL. Currais began performing stand up comedy while attending college at The University of Florida. He is a founding member of The Gainesville Comedy Showcase and UF’s University Stand up Comedy Club (U.S.U.C.C.)
His high energy performance style and outrageously quirky material gained Currais some local notoriety and a number of high profile shows which included opening spots for comedians like Dan Cummings (Last Comic Standing) and Finesse Mitchell (Saturday Night Live). Soon he began performing on the road at several bars and venues in Florida.

2009 marked Currais’s decision to pursue comedy full time. Currais now performs in Comedy Clubs, bars, colleges and other venues across the United States. His comedic talent and his stage act continue to grow with each performance. He has slowly begun to build a following among college students and comedy club patrons. He has been featured on ABC, FOX, Rooftop Comedy, The Independent Alligator, and Orlando Magazine.

He is the star of the online sitcom “Oppie’s Friend Gene” and made his filmic debut in the Sundance Film Festival film “New Low”. He has opened for the likes of Pauly Shore, David Allen Greer, Steve Byrne and Ralphie May. His persona is as big as his imagination and you never know where the show will end up when this man-child is the ring master.

Christina Walkinshaw

Christina Walkinshaw is a Canadian stand up comic now living in L.A. Her half hour comedy special often repeats in the middle of the night while you’re sleeping. You’ve seen her on Just For Laughs, The Winnipeg Comedy Festival, and definitely in the liquor store. She’s a regular on CBC’s “The Debaters,” and she also makes (sporadic) appearances in the shower. Check out her very popular blog, “My Week On Tinder”. If you find any typos on this website, be sure to contact us, and you will receive a FREE BEER! In general, Walkinshaw chooses to avoid mushrooms and marriage. You can follow her on Twitter @walkinsauce.

Chris Lev

Comedian and co-host of Guys Night Out Podcast!

"One of the best roasters in Los Angeles" - Jeff Ross

Jay Light is a stand-up comic and writer originally from Texas, currently living in Los Angeles.

He began his comedy career in North Carolina and has since performed all over the world, including at SXSW, the North Carolina Comedy Arts Festival, the Blue Whale Comedy Festival, and the Cannes Film Festival. He has opened for the likes of Tom Rhodes, Theo Von, Dana Carvey, and Dave Chappelle.

Jay is a doorman at the world-famous Comedy Store, following in the footsteps of greats like Jim Carrey, Bill Hicks, David Letterman, Marc Maron, Sam Kinison, and more. He is also a regular performer and co-producer on one of LA's hottest shows, Roast Battle, and has appeared on both seasons of Comedy Central's version of the show, earning a spot in the finals of season two.

The LA Weekly called him a "local eclectic noise maker."

His mom called him "not the son she thought she raised."

Rubyn Warren

Rubyn Warren II is one of comedy’s hottest and youngest comedians making a name for his self in the entertainment world today. He is a native of Portland, OR and is the son of a former comedian. Rubyn was born with the gift of making people laugh and proved this by performing in his first show at the tender age of five. It was at age fourteen that he made the inevitable decision to take his comedy to the next level and honed his skills by performing for churches and school events. In 2011, Rubyn was a part of Rooftop Comedy’s Comedy Moment Moment with Geico on IFC. In 2013, Rubyn did audience warm ups as well as recorded an appearance on a new show for Magic Johnson’s Aspire TV Network called, Laff Mobb’s We Got Next, set to air in 2014. He finds humor in truths, life experiences and observations. He has many projects on the horizon and has high hopes for what the future holds in store for him.

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