Groove Live! w/ Experience Unlimited

Groove Live! w/ Experience Unlimited

Experience the energetic, groove-oriented original E.U. Band performing their hits “DaButt”, “Taste Of Your Love”, “Shake Your Thang”, “Slave To The Rythym”, “E.U. Freeze”, “Ooo LalaLa”, “Bounce”, “Umm Bop Bop”, “I Confess”, “Buckwild”, “Party Time” and much, much more!!

Experience Unlimited (E.U.) began their musical career in high school and helped bring the Go-Go dance groove to life. Go-Go started to rise throughout the early 1980's with E.U.'s appearance alongside rap grandfather Kurtis Blow on "Party Time". After landing a soundtrack in 1988 with producer/writer Spike Lee's film "School Daze", E.U. scored a pop hit with "Da Butt", making it a dance sensation.

$10.00 - $210.00


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