Empyrean Throne's Debut CD Release Show

Empyrean Throne

Empyrean Throne is a Clandestine Order of chaos gnostic Black Metal practioners,
an endeavor soaked in the fires of inspiration and forged with the hammer of
hard experience. While indisputably an American band, the initial spark was in
fact ignited by two travelers in Scandinavia, from where it journeyed south and
west to the sweltering heat of Lake Forest, California, where in 2011, the first
manifestation of the band that would eventually become Empyrean Throne was

Empyrean Throne’s very first recorded music took the form of the ravenous
“Demonseed” EP in 2013, with a sound described by OC Weekly as “a vicious mix
of raw black metal and traditional death metal”. With the spoils reaped from this first
offering; the Order of Empyrean Throne was hardly content to stand still, as so much
lay in wait on the road ahead.

Empyrean Throne’s upcoming first full-length release, “Chaosborne”, is a testament
to this new unfolding, lurching deeper into the infernal depths of Black Metal and
higher unto the celestial realm of orchestral concert music. Telling the story of a
hapless Templar knight in a medieval Europe and his subsequent decent into the
realm of Chaos, the album offers eleven solemn hymns of unbecoming, with the
searing Black Flame of illumination and wrath burning brighter than ever before
in the hearts of those who have crafted it, the members of the Order themselves.

Empyrean Throne have been privileged to fly their banners alongside many of the
esteemed acts in extreme music, including Nile, Kataklysm, Aborted, and Cattle Decapitation
among others. The Order has also carved its sphere of influences from the sweat and grime of
the road with two west coast tours under their belts and an appearance at Central Oregon
Metalfest in 2016. Apart from that and a smattering of off-album singles, which include a vast
rendition of the Behemoth classic “Ov Fire and the Void”, Empyrean Throne have been quite
occupied indeed preparing the ground for “Chaosborne” and whatever may lie beyond...

Andrew Knudsen - Vocals
Mike Brennan - Guitars
Leviathan - Drums

$10.00 - $12.00


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