Los Angeles Azules

Los Angeles Azules

Mexican cumbia band formed by siblings Mejía Avante in Iztapalapa, Mexico City in 1976 that started recording in 1981. Encouraged by their mother, Martha Avante Barrón, siblings originally got into the business to pay for their studies expenses, but never imagined the success they would achieve. They are pioneers of the so-called "romantic cumbia" style and are sometimes referred to as "Los Príncipes De La Cumbia En México" (Spanish for "The Princes Of Cumbia In Mexico").

Among the siblings, only María del Consuelo never was part of the band. Martha Georgina left due to personal reasons. Members still active are Elías Porfirio, Jorge, José Alfredo, José Hilario, María Cristina, and María Guadalupe.

Making Movies

Making Movies is an American band based out of Kansas City, Missouri. Built upon a heavy foundation of Afro-Latino rhythms, they have created a bilingual (English and Spanish), psychedelic re-envisioning of the Latin American “son.” The band consists of four members: Enrique Chi (guitar/vocals), Juan-Carlos Chaurand (percussion/keyboard), Brendan Culp (drums) and Diego Chi (bass).

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