Sol Seed

Sol Seed

Sol Seed brings a distinct sound combining elements of Rock, Hip Hop, Soul, World Music and Psychedelic Jam with a Reggae foundation to form a positive musical fusion that is uniquely their own. With thought-provoking lyrics, infectious grooves and high-energy live performances, Sol Seed creates an unforgettable live-music experience for people of all ages to enjoy.

Black Bottom Lighters

Three guitarists, two vocalists, a percussionist, and a turntablist form one of the most dynamic sounding groups in the Arizona desert. Built on an acoustic foundation, the BBL's sound is as difficult to describe as it is to dislike. From mellow unplugged personal performances to wild stage acts as well as a crowd thats typically on the cusp of out of control, you are sure to have a memory or two when you leave one of their shows.

Something Like Seduction

Something Like Seduction is a 4 piece reggae/rock band that was formed in October of 2011. Since 2011 SLS been playing shows at different venues throughout Arizona in cities such as: Phoenix, Tucson, Flagstaff and Yuma. Over the past 3 years we have had the pleasure of sharing the stage with acts such as: Rebelution, Pepper, Atmoshphere, Dirty Heads, Iration Tribal Seeds, Passafire and many other great bands.

Something Like Seduction released a 5 song EP in September of 2013 titled "Lost in Emerald Cove." Our single "Inhale The Fumes" was posted as "Submission of The Day" on the main page for GoodMusicAllday.comalong with our latest single "Simple Things" that was released August 31st of 2014.

On the horizon for SLS is our first full length album: "Weapons Of Mass Seduction." This will be a 10 song album available completely for free in early 2015.

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