Davey Suicide

The name SUICIDE is a constant reminder that unless we kill ourselves, there is no ceiling for what we are capable of.


Sins Of Man

Sins Of Man's sound and visual side are all part of their plan to push boundaries in the local music scene. Finding inspiration from old school Metalcore/Melodic Death Metal and Japanese Visual Kei, Sins Of Man is in a new direction today's bands are not going.

Writing emotionally charged Metal songs that people can easily relate to, the band writes about betrayal, love, loss, death, everyday things that people face. Blending melodic guitars and singing to their heavy and unrelenting songs to create a unique sound, along with an intense live performance, Sins of Man is a fresh new band everyone should be looking out!

Suspension 9

These Imaginative cells created the next level of our evolutionary musical generation with Suspension 9. In the year of 2012 the Germany born lead singer Michael Malice formed Suspension 9 in the city of Colorado Springs, CO. Although, the bands wicked line-up was not fully conceived until the ending of the year 2013, the first appearance can be traced back to March 2012 as a two-piece. Suspension 9 consists now of the twisted fragments combined with Michael Malice- Vocals/Songwriter/all instruments, Scary - Bass Guitar, Zvarte Vos- Lead/Rhythm Guitar and Solaris- Beats/Samples/Keys.
Suspension 9 performs an interesting and dangerous blend of German/American/Industrial rock with a alternative electronica twist, reminiscent of bands like KMFDM, Rammstein, early Marilyn Manson and The Prodigy. The Band has been playing shows in various cities, along side national and international acts like Bile, Avatar, Doyle (ex-Misfits), Gemini Syndrome, Koffin Kats, Davey Suicide and others. The first S9 demo "Prototype: Failed" was self-produced on CD-R, limited to 50 copies that consisted of three songs and was given out at the first shows. In the early Spring of 2013 the first promo album "A Greater Mechanism" was independently released by the band as 500 CD copies containing ten original songs and a cover of Jack Off Jill's "Bruises are Back in Style." A year later a video for one of the songs "Eyes Black and Blue" was filmed and self-produced in the summer of 2014 and made public on Youtube. As the year 2014 came to a close, Suspension 9 gained support and encouraging survival from recognition that consisted of our wickly dedicated fans, promoters, venues and radio stations. . With our aggressive stage-shows consisting of sweat, blood and fire-breathing (of course depending on the venues approval of fire) Suspension 9 is ready to bring something exciting, mesmerizing, being able to re-light the flames. Burning off the tender history of rust and bringing life back to the music industry. In June 2015 Suspension 9 has added the promotional/Management/booking talents of Carrie Gaylord- Manager/Booking agent allowing the band to further expand into the vast horizons of the music industry. For booking or press/promotional inquiries contact Ms. Gaylord at 720-417-9775 or Blueyed_Production303@outlook.com. We are working together on a new album that will not disappoint the evil serenity of your souls. Now in the making...
VIDEO: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=EBv9z83SQFo

Seven Days Lost

Starting members Mike Trejo and Joseph Vallejos,

a small skeleton crew from Pueblo Colorado's known

Metal Masters 1990's "WICKED WAYZ" had a Devilish Nightmare

in their heads when they came up with the plot for

Seven Days Lost.

Re-mastered songs like Hammer Down and Suicide Saturday Night

have found their way into the current set list and

still rock the crowd to the point of exhaustion.

Se7en-Days-Lost was officially founded in the

dark heart of a cold winters night in early 2007,

following a series of performances at Mike Trejo's - Hell's Circus.

Hell's Circus is promoted as "The Loudest Show on Earth",

and for that you need a crew of Hard Rock Monsters with the

balls to turn it up both musically and visually!! Ear bleeding solos,

heart stopping thunderous sound and a over the top visual

appearance is required to live up to this kind of billing.Band members

Gary Higdon (Bass & Vocals), Mike Rodriguez (Drums & Vocal),

Joseph Vallejos (Lead Guitar & Vocals), and front man Michael Trejo (Guitar & Vocals)

have performed together as the musical muscle…

the fire breathing motor, that had driven the Hell's Circus show.

The need became apparent that this Hard Rock - Heavy Metal Nightmare,

needed it's own identity, so it could continue to reek havoc and mayhem

beyond the Big Top of Pain known as Hell's Circus, from this

Se7en-Days-Lost was born.

The band strives to entertain it's fans with not only songs that are

Thick as a Brick & Twice as Hard, but a with a growing, constantly

evolving live show that visually captivates the viewer and draws them into

a musical web of hooks! Once there, there is no escape…

2009 marked 7DL first official shows outside of Hell's Circus

and the beginning of a recording project. Plan on CD & DVD

projects in 2010 along with new merchandise and a

much more aggressive playing schedule.

Hell's Circus features musicians from the the band "Se7en-Days-Lost"

as the musical motor that drives the shows,

along with several other area guest musicians.

The Circus also features Dancer's and Actors

from some of the area theater companies.

Most of the dancers come from Dance Unlimited School of Dance.

Hell's Circus is one of Mike Trejo's ongoing projects,

which include his local cable TV show

"Access Unlimited" (www.accessunlimitedtv.com)

Members of the Circus change from show to show

and many of the performers return to later events,

but the core of the songs that act as the sound track to A Hell's Circus show are written

by Mike Trejo from his past and current projects.

HELL'S CIRCUS..... I remember working in a gas station years ago

with my boom box playing some of my favorite rock music,

when a gentleman walked in and grimaced

and put his hands on his ears, even though the music was turned down.

He looked at me and said "That is the Devil's music!"

and informed me that I was going to hell,

even though he knew nothing about me

or what kind of person I was.

There has always been people and some religious leaders,

who have dubbed it as Evil or Wicked, ...........

"the Devil's music."

Never mind that majority of the Rock songs subject matter

is the same as many other forms of more socially accepted music.

So when it came time to give this beast of my own creation a name,

I asked myself, "What in the hell do you call this

Rock and Roll Roller Coaster Ride?"

One of the Descriptions of a Circus in the Dictionary is:

A place or activity marked by rowdy or noisy disorder.

My Frankenstein needed a name

that described it in such a way that made meaning of it's being.

My vision is to merge visual stimulation and audio ecstasy.

The show is geared toward the likes of

Alice Cooper & Rob Zombie.

Shows such as these conjure up images of evil for those who believe that Rock n Roll is Wicked. ............

This is a show packed with action and entertainment

placed on a foundation of Rock music that has a sound that is as

thick as brick and twice as hard.

That is why it is called:

Hell's Circus A Rock'n Roll Psychodrama

with no real story that connects one song to the next

in it's live performance.

The jumbled ranting of mad men.......

Just a series of underlying short stories bound together by the theme of there presentation.

Words that have meaning and stories that have reason,

but are often miss-inturpreted and twisted to feed the listeners own personal views.

When you come to a Hell's Circus show,

we mean only to entertain you for the time you care to share with us.

We Hope to see you when the circus comes to your town!!!...

Michael J. Trejo

Read more: http://www.myspace.com/sevendayslost#ixzz0v6CpF0ds

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