The Expanders began playing reggae music together in the summer of 2003,
and today are one of the hardest working reggae bands in Southern California.
They have come to be known for their vintage style of reggae, played in the
tradition of classic 1970’s Jamaican groups like The Ethiopians, The Gladiators
and The Mighty Diamonds.
Their music is centered in three-part vocal harmonies and strong song writing,
with lyrics that range from socially heavy to playful and upbeat.

Buddha Council

Buddha Council is the current culmination in musical enlightenment developed by Travis Mansell, John Wilkens, Rhett Walton, Pat Spalding, Aaron Kuklica, James Dale, and Thayer Davis. Together, they represent the heartbeat of a thriving music scene in S.E. Virginia. Their former and current side-projects have contributed to Buddha Council's unique take on the ever evolving reggae genre. Ultimately, the Council seeks positive vibes for both themselves and their audience through their cathartic rhythms and thought provoking lyrics. Their songs aim to meet diverse listeners on their own listening existence, while maintaining a reggae backbeat as the totem to balance out the experience. Their debut album, released in May 2014, recorded and mixed by "Jocko" Randall of More Sound Studios in Syracuse, NY is sure to please old and new fans both in concert and through their speakers.

Strange Rootz

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