Super Cassette, Vesper Sails, Barons of Bad News

Super Cassette

Aggressively pleasant melodic indie rock from Berkeley California. Pop forms and melodies give way to distorted hypnotic guitar-grooves and electronic noise flourishes. .

Vesper Sails

Imagine if Thom Yorke and St. Vincent played a show with This Town Needs Guns, except Danny Carey was subbing on drums,
Joni Mitchell sang guest vocal, and you’re traveling underwater, like a manatee. Vesper Sails approaches the sound of this eclectic lineup. Ever since their inception in the forests of Santa Cruz, California, Vesper Sails has been blending delicate dynamics
with odd-time insanity, heavy riffs with pop sensibility, and jazz with rock experiments. Vesper Sails explodes into life via stars, nature, nurture, oceans, delay, and arpeggio pedals. We live on a peninsula and write about the water. We are inspired by things
that are bigger than us.

Barons of Bad News

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