Florist is, and began as the friendship project of Emily Sprague, Rick Spataro, and Jonnie Baker in Upstate, NY.The three started making weird sounds on synths and guitars together as a way to cope and relate, and grew close. Felix Walworth joined as a drummer and collaborator when Emily moved to New York City and continued writing songs with the moniker.The Birds Outside Sangstarted being written as one result of a severe bicycle accident that Emily was involved in on Feb 11th, 2014.It began with Emily, still recovering, writing and recording in isolation, able to play keyboard only with one hand, sing, and bang on things.The second half of the album was recorded live by the whole band.It was a resurrection back into the friendships, loving support, and musical collaboration that started Florist years ago

Keeper is the bedroom pop project of Marissa Lorusso, which is sometimes undertaken as a solo effort and sometimes includes close friends and collaborators. Keeper has released two EPs: Fawn, a self-released solo EP Lorusso released in 2015; and Salting, a full-band EP featuring Matt Lewicki on synth and Sam Piercy on guitar, released in August 2017 on Sad Cactus Records. Keeper has played along the east coast with bands like Eskimeaux, Japanese Breakfast, Horse Jumper of Love, and Florist. Keeper's music is confessional, sparse, and honest; The Grey Estates says it's sounds like "you've accidentally stumbled upon a long hidden diary or a secret note passed among friends.

Luray is helmed by banjo player and singer/songwriter Shannon Carey, and is banjo-inspired indie rock fused with classic country and folk. Luray's debut album, The Wilder (Released 8/27/13) was recorded in Eau Claire, Wisconsin with her brother/producer Sean Carey (3) (of S. Carey (2) and Bon Iver).

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