Bloated Kat Festival

Bloated Kat Festival

Bloated Saturday 2 is coming this August. For some dumb reason, we're doing this again! 2 days of tons of bands crammed back to back to back! So mark those calenders for August 25th and 26th and let's party!! A pass for two days will run you $25 and can be purchased at
A "limited" number of tickets will be available at the door.

Featuring performances by:

Alien Girls (Grinnell, IA)
Arms Aloft (Eu Claire, WI)
Attic Salt (Springfield, IL)
Bad Mechanics (Chicago, IL)
Beyond Peace (Iowa City/Cedar Falls)
The Blendours (Iowa)
Child's Mind (Chicago, IL)
Chinese Telephones (Milwaukee, WI)
City Mouse (Lansing, MI/Cali/Miski's van)
Closet Witch (Muscatine, IA)
The Cowboys (Bloomington IN)
Death Dude (Iowa City)
Dee Pression
Dingus (Minneapolis, MN)
Drones (Minneapolis, MN)
Eradicator (The squash courts)
Fuck (It's Pronounced Shit) (Scotland)
Goldblums (Des Moines)
Horrible Things (Chicago, IL)
Hospital Job (Springfield, IL)
Hot Tang (Iowa City)
House Boat, Some Kind Of (Wherever, I Guess)
In The Mouth of Radness (Iowa City)
Kira Jari (Denton, TX)
The Murderburgers (Scotland)
Nato Coles and the Blue Diamond Band (Minneapolis, MN)
Oswald (Iowa City)
Rational Anthem (Iowa City)
Road Soda (Quad Cities)
Robot Bachelor (NYC, IC, Springfield. First show ever!)
The Scutches (Long Island, NY)
Shocktroopers (Wyoming)
Sore History (Chicago, IL)
Starry Nights (Iowa City)
Starter Jackets (Springfield, IL)
Teenage Bigfoot (Philadelphia, PA)
Whoopi Goldblum (Lansing MI)
xOn Drugsx (Iowa City)



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