Write Club Los Angeles

WRITE CLUB Los Angeles.
Literature as Bloodsport.
Prize Money to Charity.

2 opposing writers. 2 opposing ideas. 7 minutes apiece. Audience picks a winner. Writers compete for cash going to a charity of their choosing.

$8.00 - $20.00


A literary homage to toe-tapping, soul-soaring human aural phenomena! With this symphonic lineup:

HARMONY Sarah Stanley v DISCORD Tim Rutili
LIVE Lou DiMAggio v RECORDED Jesse Myers
CHORUS Brett Paesel v VERSE Jamie Koogler

Plus celebrity judges David Yow and Priscilla Ahn! and a third mystery judge -- it could be YOU!

WRITE CLUB is: 3 rounds -- 2 opposing writers with 2 opposing ideas in each round -- 7 minutes apiece. The Audience picks the winners and the prize money goes to the charities of the winners' choice!

Write Club LA is produced by Jeffrey Dorchen, Paula Killen, and Justin Welborn with help from Kirk Wilson, Emilie Hall and Ruben Jökull Maldonado. Executive Producer: Jessica Hanna. High Priestess of Huggability: Rachel Kann

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