Son of Town Hall

Former Atlanta resident, ATL-Collective co-founder and Eddie's Attic favorite, David Berkeley has a new duo with London-based songwriter, multi-instrumentalist and producer Ben Parker. Imagine if Simon and Garfunkel were lost at sea, salt in their beards, wind at their backs, and whiskey in their bottles. What songs would they sing whilst stomping like melodious madmen on the boards of their boat? Or set yourself adrift for a piece, untether yourself from your daily affairs, bring only fresh water, a large writing pad and plenty of pencils. With only the endless sky above and the wine-dark waters below, what half-crazed tales would pour out of you? Welcome to the mythic world of Son of Town Hall, the unusual transAtlantic union transcends time and space, complete with Victorian-era outfits, meditations about the sea and songs that beg you to sing along. The show is three-parts concert, one-part theater. It will leave you transformed, with your heart full of laughter and tears, drunk on adventure and the tragic beauty of the human condition.
“Sensational!” - John Platt, WFUV
“Nothing short of stunning” - Lisa Schwartz, Director Philadelphia Folk Festival
“Unique and beautiful…unforgettable.” - Phil Collins

$10.00 - $18.00


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