Trapped Under Ice

Trapped Under Ice

Hailing from the port city of Baltimore, Maryland comes the war-mammoth known as Trapped Under Ice, who proudly inherit and build upon the mantle of their predecessors Next Step Up and Gut Instinct. Compound this with the sonic territories explored by New York bands such as Crown Of Thornz and Breakdown, and the intent of the outfit becomes obvious—total aural brutality.

Since the release of the 2008 "Stay Cold" EP, followed by their full length debut "Secrets Of The World", Trapped Under Ice have quickly gained a huge fan-base within the hardcore community and are guaranteed to become pioneers of the new generation.

American hardcore / punk band from Olympia, Washington.


Goregrind band from Philippines. Formed in year 2008.
Many of their songs on various splits & demos are the same, with different titles, no titles or same titles.

Primitive Blast

Hardcore band from Sydney, Australia. Hard moshers only.



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