Joel Futterman & Ike Levin Duo

Joel Futterman & Ike Levin Duo

Joel Futterman and Ike Levin are dedicated to exploring new directions in the art of “in the moment” collectively improvised music. They combine skilled musicianship with a celebration of improvisational conversations that take the listener on musical journeys spanning the emotions and musical genres. Their shared goal is artistic freedom and devotion to the unexpected as they stretch and push the boundaries of tonality, rhythm, and harmony. They are determined to push the limits and redefine the genre of improvisational music. This is a tight improvisational unit whose hearts and ears are open to each other, and whose music is always fresh and new.

“Intellect connects with feelings and desire…musicians in full communication with themselves and each other.” - Cadence

$10.00 - $15.00

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