Since 1998, the Natural Broadcasting Company has delivered more than 500 performances of The Boneyard Man series to thousands of London theatre patrons. A comedic parody of 1930s and 40s radio dramas. The Boneyard Man is performed live on stage, and has been broadcast on both radio and television. The series is written by Canadian playwright, actor and director, Jayson McDonald. The Boneyard Man's four actors create hundreds of characters and sound effects, with musical accompaniment. The Natural Broadcasting Company style blends the light screwball humour of the 30s and 40s with a modern edge for a retro, relevant, comedy experience that is unique to London.

The Boneyard Man has built a strong cult following both here and abroad. The show is always a delightful surprise to new patrons, as well as a regular pleasure to the many loyal supporters who have attended every performance. It has garnered interest from the CBC. We are still played weekly on CHRW radio Western. This influential series has inspired many young and emerging artists and in the past few years has been sadly missed by Londoners. Until now....



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