Ca$h 4 Gold, Wheelhouse

Ca$h 4 Gold

Ca$h for Gold is a House Harold team that performs every Tuesday night on the main stage of iO West, improvising an entire show based on one suggestion and exploring the bounds of iO’s signature long-form, “The Harold.”

Roster: Zack Colonna, Juan Velasco, Jay Kasten, Vanessa Smith, Jeff Uchida, Justin Moran, Abby Tebeau, Aaron Burns, Jennifer Francis


WHEELHOUSE is a House Harold Team that has been performing every Wednesday on the iO West Mainstage since January 2014. Under the guidance of our coach Dave Hill, we aim to bend and subvert the typical Harold structure, with high-concept shows that take place in their own strange, improvised universes. But at the core, we’re a team that follows the fun and makes each other laugh. Come watch us Wednesdays at 8:30 (before Heyday)… we’ll make it worth your while.

Cast: Chris Gorbos, Colleen Doyle, Darius De La Cruz, Erik Voss, Jackie Durruthy, Justin Michael Terry, Kyle More, Tommy Bechtold

Coach: Dave Hill



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