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Messenger Down

Messenger Down is a rock/alternative pop artist from Charlotte, NC. Pairing infectious hooks and ambiguous lyrics with a wide array of sounds from electronic to raw and classical to modern, Messenger Down's Garrett Foster creates a diverse resonance that is sure to keep any listener on the edge of their seat.

Never I

Approaching the end of 2013, writing began for the unnamed project currently known as Never I. After several months of writing, in May 2014, the band began recording with Jeff Long at Trap Door Recordings to produce the debut EP entitled "Speak".

In January, 2015, Never I began performing live. Fusing their music with a show full of passion and energy. Show-goers describe their sound as raw, energetic, and overall refreshing. Putting their own twist on the sounds of their youth, NI has created a sound of their own and is ready to carry it wherever the road may lead.

On January 26, 2015, the band released their first single, "The Gentle Wind That Tears Down The House" featuring vocals from Eric Suarez (ex The Alchemy Index) and Jeff Long.

On April 14, 2015, nearly a year after recording began, the band released "Speak", a four track EP featuring their former vocalist Kyle Nesslinger.
Arun Bose (Ghosts Again/ ex Messenger Down) recorded drums for Speak and performed as the live drummer for the band in the months that followed.

Following the departure of Nesslinger during the recording process, the guys recruited Ian Powell for lead vocals. Powell has been performing live since the first show and is expected to be featured on the band's future releases.


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