Skylar Spence

Skylar Spence

After a big 2014 that saw the evolution of his sound grow from his roots in sample-based music to pure pop with his debut 7" for Carpark Records, Ryan DeRobertis is back today to announce that Saint Pepsi is no longer due to legal reasons, but his project will continue on as Skylar Spence. The name's genesis is a play on a character name from Woody Allen's "Everyone Says I Love You," which is apt given samples from that movie appear on Hit Vibes and that in the movie "the main personal relationships and romances are conveyed in a very surreal and melodramatic way," said Ryan.

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Blood Moon is Jesse Brickel, a multi-instrumentalist from Brooklyn with an ear for nostalgia-laden pop music with big hooks.

Brickel, former Chrome Sparks live keyboard player and live drummer for Skylar Spence, released the ‘Cosmic Sands’ EP as Blood Moon in November, 2014 with Imaginary Friends Records. He released his debut LP 'Future Nostalgia' on 9/26.

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