Born of the black jackal’s womb anno 1999, Vomitor is the putrid sound of a dying planet filth, the nauseating fallout of nuclear war and the terminal torture of endless horror! From the band’s first release in 1999, the ugly ‘Roar of War’ demo, Vomitor has become an underground stalwart of traditional, 80s inspired death metal. The band exists in a timewarp as if 1986 had never finished. The era of brutal demos, vicious albums and the raw, undiluted aggression of what made 80s metal so unique is the lasting influence on the filth ridden style of Death Dealer’s riffs and approach.

Now on their third album, titled ‘The Escalation’, and a second axe wielding maniac in the shape of Horror Illogium (Portal) only adding to the band’s power and intensity, Vomitor’s sonic violence is increased to deliver the ultimate crushing blow live.

Negative Plane

Negative Plane was formed in early 2001 by Nameless Void. Originally, the music was intended to be bells and organ music, but due to lack of inspiration at the time, the music was changed to metal instead. The name "Negative Plane " was inspired by the parts of a picture with the postive picture plane being the brighter and more prominent colors in the foreground, and the negative picture plane being the darker colors more hidden in the background. Nameless Void was joined by Greg St. John and the two of them recorded a four song demo entitled "Surreality" in July of 2002, with Greg St John on drums and Nameless Void on guitar, vocals and bass. At this point the musical direction started to change and the music and lyrics became more occult oriented, as opposed to the "Surreality" demo, which was largely inspired by the band Ved Buens Ende. Later that year, Nameless Void came in contact with Bestial Devotion, who joined as the vocalist for the band, and in early 2003, Greg St. John left the group, leaving the band without a drummer. After a year and a half of unsuccesfully trying to find a suitable replacement, it was decided that Bestial Devotion would play the drums and Nameless Void would continue with both guitar and vocals, which established the core lineup of the band. Another demo was recorded December 2004 which resulted in a recording deal with The Ajna Offensive, and in 2006 Negative Plane's first album "Et In Saecula Saeculorum" was released. Due to the lack of a bass player, Negative Plane was unable to perform live until 2007, when an acquaintance was recruited to assist with five shows with Watain and Angelcorpse. However, a permanent bass player was not found until the fall of 2008 when the group relocated from Florida to the New York City area and recruited D.G. to fill the ever-vacant position. In 2009, with the full lineup Negative Plane headlined two shows in California, and began preparing for their second album "Stained Glass Revelations" which was financed jointly by The Ajna Offensive and Invictus Productions. In July 2010, the album was completed and is tentatively scheduled for release January 17 of 2011.


Ashencult is a melodic black metal band based out of Philadelphia PA. Firmly placing its musical roots and influences in the traditional Swedish black metal scene, the nameless members of Ashencult infuse esoteric atmospheres with razor-wire guitar riffing to create a chaotic, morose backdrop for their punishing musical delivery and cavernous vocals.


No frills thrashing satanic death inspired by beherit, angelcorpse, early morbid angel.



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